Work remotely from anywhere as a Software Developer

Senior Scala Engineer


  • Implement new features to help improve the recommendation engine

  • Scale the recommendation engine to handle growth

  • Handle storage of user actions

  • Integrate between different components that depend on the recommendation engine

  • Improve the a/b testing framework

  • Implement a/b tests to increase revenue

  • DevOps for a real-time recommendation system

  • DevOps for background processing system


  • Required:

    • Four years of Scala experience

    • Four years working with SQL and relational databases

    • Four years Linux experience

    • Two years working with cloud services, ideally in AWS

    • Self-motivated learner / self-teaching

    • Self-starter who can maintain a team-centered outlook

  • Desirable:

    • Experience with Play! and Akka frameworks

    • Experience developing for machine learning

    • Python

    • Real-time streaming with Kinesis, Kafka or similar libraries

    • Experience with Hadoop ecosystem, e.g. Spark, Hive, or Presto/Athena

    • Experience with CI/Deployment tools, especially Opsworks, Chef, and/or Bamboo


  • Location Not available
  • Size Not available
  • Timezone

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