Work remotely from anywhere as a Software Developer

Senior Robotics Developer / Specialist / Researcher (Vienna)

Aeolus Robotics is looking for experienced people willing to join our team in Vienna or working remotely world-wide, on full time employment. At the moment we have open following positions:

Robotics Specialist or Developer

Manipulation and grasping, especially software compliant approaches that are compatible with a variety of grips and objects. Core tasks are the development of algorithms for grasp calculation and the improvements of existing solutions.


  • 3+ years C++ development

  • Machine Learning

  • ROS

  • Ubuntu/Linux

  • PCL

Simulation Specialist for Manipulation and Grasping


  • 3+ years of experience in robotics simulation (e.g. MoveIt)

  • Trajectory planning for robot arm and grippers

  • Collision avoidance

  • Forward/inverse kinematics

  • ROS

  • Ubuntu/Linux

Robotics Specialist

Develop grasping strategies based on tactile feedback.


  • 2+ years of experience in tactile and force feedback in manipulation

  • FSRs

  • Real time systems

  • Control theory

  • Motion planning

  • C++

Robot Maintenance and Test Engineer

A main task will be the maintenance of the robotic hardware in Vienna and port existing software onto the robot. Candidates should have a strong background in mechanics and electronics, and should be willing to travel for robot maintenance training.


  • Understanding system function diagrams

  • Experience in diagnosing problems related to hardware (e.g. electronics, sensors) and assembly/disassembly

  • Experience in maintaining complex equipment or appliance

Computer Vision Expert

  • 3+ years experience in designing and implementing algorithms for computer vision

  • Strong C++ programming and debugging skills

  • Experience with computer vision libraries (OpenCV, PCL) and machine learning

  • Experience with RGB-D sensors (structured light, time-of-flight)

  • Strong skills in computer vision areas such as object recognition, pose estimation, object reconstruction, object tracking, 2D/3D features (SIFT, SHOT, ORB),

  • Preferable skills include ROS, GPU programming, knowledge about Deep Learning, Linux

Roboticist: Path-planning Specialist

  • Own the navigation costmaps area and implement various data processing algorithms

  • Have experience and knowledge on 2D data processing for motion planning, e.g. Fast Marching Methods

  • Have experience with state-of-the-art path-planning approaches, e.g. RRT*

  • Very good C++ skills (ROS, OpenCV, Linux)

Roboticist: Control-theory Specialist

  • Experience and understanding of numerical optimization

  • Strong mathematical skills, especially calculus

  • Knowledge & experience of advanced, (non-linear) control-theory methods (Lyapunov Theory, Differential Flatness, MPC, EKF, SGF, MHE)

  • Very good C++ skills (ROS, Linux, Template Meta-Programming)

These roles permit flexible working hours. You will work in a scrum-based agile development cycle. You will be working alongside founders, researchers, and engineers to design and build first-generation robotic solutions for mass consumer adoption.

If you are interested in applying to one of these positions, please send a message to HIRING@AEOLUSBOT.COM with your CV, and CC Please indicate the position which is in area of your interest.

Aeolus Robotics

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