Work remotely from anywhere as a Software Developer

UI/UX, Application, and Website Designer

This position is designed to appeal to designers who are not afraid to get their hands dirty writing code. You will be working on web applications, mobile apps, desktop apps, marketing websites, and email.

We are looking for candidates who bring the following skills to the table:

Experience with web application design, marketing website design, and offline (print) design
Comprehensive understanding of UI/UX principles
Solid web front-end development skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Even though we have a great team to help you integrate your designs with our applications, in order to be a great application designer, we expect that you can implement enough JavaScript to make your designs come to life (even in a basic way).
Experience and interest in both actual application design and marketing design. We want our designers to be able to work on both sides.
History designing and supporting actual applications that have seen production usage with a large userbase.

Our products include BrickFTP, a hosted file sharing service for business, and Vae Platform, a unique web hosting platform with an integrated CMS system.

Our company consists of 15 (but growing to 19 by the end of the year) full time USA-based staff, as well as sales and support outposts in France, Germany, and Latin America.

Our infrastructure platforms are used by over 2,000 enterprises and SMBs, including Mozilla, Canonical, UPS, DirecTV, GoPro, Marriott, and more.

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