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Senior Software Engineer

We’re hiring senior engineers, who are passionate about technology and education, to help build new features into our existing products (Canvas, Bridge, and Arc). Our product team doesn't throw specs over some imaginary wall to engineering, and engineering doesn't throw code over some imaginary wall to QA. We all collaborate together. We highly value innovation, so much so that we have quarterly Hackweeks.  A week each quarter to work on relevant pet projects and features. Most of our work is open source, even our primary product (Canvas). Check us out on Github:

  • We are full stack engineers with experience building web scale services in a loosely coupled but highly integrated system, as well as developing web scale single-page web apps with modern web technology.

  • We are a mixed stack and polyglot team with a deep commitment to quality and to using the right tech for each problem we solve.

  • We use Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Node.js, Go, PostgreSQL, Linux, and our platform runs on AWS.

What we look for:

  • Breadth of experience (and interest) in different languages and frameworks.  

  • Skilled full stack developer, or an expert back-end and DevOps developer.

  • Ability to solve complex problems requiring in-depth analysis.

  • Over 7 years of professional software engineering experience.

  • Demonstrated experience as the go to person and in mentoring others.

  • Mastery of your chosen tools.

  • Knowledge of Agile best practices.

  • Capable Communicator.

  • Crazy passionate about learning new stuff.

  • Strong knowledge of, and adherence to, coding best practices.

  • Ability and desire to work in an open and team-oriented environment.

  • BS in Computer Science or related degree preferred.


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