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Senior AWS DevOPS / Migration Engineer - Denver, CO

This job posting is a contract position for a senior Amazon AWS DevOPS engineer with a minimum of 5 years of experience working in a large-scale Amazon AWS enterprise environment. The successful applicant MUST possess all of the required skills listed in this job posting and MUST have meaningful, practical, hands-on experience in all of the required skills areas, especially with AWS. Experience migrating a large-scale enterprise to Amazon AWS in a DevOPS capacity is also strongly desired. The successful candidate will be required to take a hands-on performance assessment in AWS demonstrating required skills. Candidate MUST also be willing to work IN DENVER, CO for the first 3-4 weeks and only then, if demonstrated ability will be allowed to work remote.

Required Skills
• Amazon AWS

  1. CloudFormation template development and maintenance in YAML

  2. Creation and use of CloudFormation nested stacks

  3. Creation and use of IAM policies and roles

  4. Expertise in deploying applications using EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, RDS, SNS, CloudWatch and Lamba

  5. Practical understanding of AWS VPC design and networking

  6. Experienced in multi-account, multi-region deployments

  7. Solid understanding of the AWS well architected framework and ability to apply AWS best practices to application deployments

• Linux and Windows OS

  1. Solid AWS Linux and CentOS command line skills

  2. Ability to script in bash required

  3. Experience working with Windows Server 2012R2 from a DevOPS perspective

  4. Ability to script in Powershell nice to have

• DevOPS

  1. Significant experience and expertise in Chef and Chef cookbook development and maintenance

  2. Fluent in YAML and JSON

  3. Experience in the creation and maintenance of automated builds using Jenkins

  4. Solid understanding of CI/CD build processes using Maven, Gradle, Npm, etc.

  5. Experience in automated AMI builds using Packer and Chef

  6. Solid understanding of AWS, OS, and application security including the use of security groups, NACLs, SSL/TLS, IAM policies and roles, certificates and key management

  7. Ability to program in either Python or Ruby strongly desired

  8. Experience working in an Agile development environment

  9. Fluent in source code version control using Git / BitBucket

  10. User level experience working with Jira sprints and Kanban boards in a DevOPS environment

  11. Ability to document solutions in Confluence

• Enterprise application migration to AWS

  1. Experienced in the construction and migration of multi-tiered enterprise applications to AWS

  2. Experienced in migrating and refactoring enterprise Java based applications in AWS

  3. Understanding of SQL and NoSQL databases and ability to migrate to RDS or deploy as a stand alone EC2 instance(s)

Education and Certifications
• At least one Amazon AWS certification desired
• BSEE/BSCS desired but not required

• Opportunity to work alongside highly experienced highly certified Amazon AWS and Red Hat
professional services professionals
• Opportunity to advance career through meaningful AWS and DevOPS work in a large Fortune 500
Potential for some remote work for right person - Must start in Denver, CO and demonstrate ability to work remotely.

6 month guaranteed contract w/ potential to extend

Furos, Quandary Ventures and VMANIX

  • Location Not available
  • Size Not available
  • Timezone

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