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Senior Software Developer - Remote

Overview & Responsibilities

TheRackspace Private Cloudteam is looking for a full stack developer to help us build the next platform for ManagedKubernetesat Rackspace. We need an experienced developerto help drive decisionsand implement significant portions of the platform including API, Kubernetes basedofferings. Working effectively as a remote employee in a collaborative environment, especially on open-source software, is an absolute must-have skill.

As a Rackspace Private Cloud (RPC) Managed Kubernetes developer, you will work to develop and deliver Kubernetes as part of Rackspace Private Cloud, including Kubernetes and upstream Open Source contribution, developing ground-up services on top, and integrating it all into a first-class enterprise-level Kubernetes platform.

About Us

We are dedicated to providing a managed Kubernetes offering for our customers. You'll be joining a small team of engineers to help accelerate this effort and help us mature our product. Our team work remotely and is distributed across the United States and Europe, so remote applicants are encouraged. At this time we are looking for applicants based in the United States only.

  • Team Size : Currently 6 developers (looking to add 2-3 more) and a technical manager

  • Hours : We have flexible working hours

  • Location : Work from home, US only

  • Travel : Possibly once or twice a year for a conference or team gathering


  • Developing new Kubernetes features and capabilities to be deployed into customer environments

  • Deploying Kubernetes clusters using automation (Terraform & Ansible)

  • Identifying and patching bugs in Kubernetes systems, and working upstream where necessary

  • Owning feature work from User Interface (React, Javascript) to the Database. Full Stack contribution.

  • Using CI to deliver high quality results

  • Focusing on how to improve customer experience and writing tools which improve it

  • Involving yourself in the Kubernetes community by joining Special Interest Groups, attending meet-ups, writing blog posts, etc.

  • Documenting how to use Kubernetes and helping our customers solve operational problems

  • Working directly with support engineers, operations, product management, and end-users

  • Engaging asynchronously with team members via Slack, Jira, Github, and email

  • Engaging synchronously with team members via video calls.



The ideal candidate will have the following:

  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

  • Passion about delivering great customer experiences

  • Experience with using Kubernetes and are up-to-date with the latest features

  • Experience with deployment or configuration management tools like Terraform or Ansible

  • A track record of working independently

  • A history of building production software in multiple languages (we preferGo, but also JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Scala)

  • Familiarity with CI/CD concepts and software testing

  • The ability to collaborate with a diverse set of people to build, test, and ship reliable and high-quality code

  • The ability to deliver a feature across the stack from the user interface to back-end data modeling

  • Experience developing and deploying applications at scale

  • Experience with multiple cloud computing technologies (e.g. AWS, GCE, OpenStack)

  • Good working knowledge of network security and secure coding fundamentals (e.g. SSL, GIGO)

  • Good working knowledge of document, relational, and time-series databases (e.g. Mongo, MySQL, Influx)

  • Excellent written and verbal skills

None of these are hard requirements! Don't feel discouraged if you don't have all of these qualifications - please still apply if you're interested. We also strongly value the ability to learn and adopt new technologies.

Bonus points

  • You have led or contributed to Open Source projects (extra bonus points for cloud-native projects like Kubernetes or Docker)

  • You have passed the CKA examination + You are a regular member of a Kubernetes SIG

  • You have used Kubernetes in a production capacity


  • Location Not available
  • Size Not available
  • Timezone

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