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Rackspace Jobs/Careers - Senior DevOps Engineer in Remote, United States

--> Senior DevOps Engineer in Remote, United States

Job Overview

Overview & Responsibilities

Rackspace is looking for a DevOps Engineer to manage the infrastructure of a globally distributed monitoring application responsible for tracking hundreds of thousands of devices including ownership of the development environment and deployment workflow.

The DevOps Engineer job:

We need DevOps Engineers who are generalists with a passion for large-scale distributed systems and are capable of working in every part of our system. We’d love to see you take an active role in helping the dev team release features from design to deploy, even if that means touching 10+ repositories written in several languages within a single day.

You're opinionated about monitoring. You make conscious choices and can explain the reasoning behind them or teach a teammate what they need to know to review your code. You’re responsible for the decisions you make and the code that you ship.

About the current DevOps Engineer teams:

We enjoy belonging to a tight-knit team with a passion for monitoring and production systems. Monitoring is a broad and challenging domain, so it keeps us humble and we are always learning. Our ideal is that every member of the team is a peer who contributes code and expertise to all components of our application. Our team’s work is highly visible— so come prepared to make a big contribution.

We ship code every day, using tools such as comprehensive unit and integration tests to stay confident in the correctness of our changes and our product’s resilience and availability. All our projects use a collaborative development model. Reviewing code is as important to us as writing it, and the design and direction of our product is everyone’sresponsibility.

We build things for people who build things; we want teammates who want to build the monitoring tools they’ve always wanted.

What you'll do in the DevOps Engineer job:

  • Work on the MaaS platform (Monitoring as a Service) dev team to help deploy their code seamlessly and painlessly

  • Provide in-depth and always-improving code reviews to your teammates

  • Fix things before they break

  • Brutally prioritize your work

  • Troubleshoot and support production, addressing technical debt to improve sustainability

  • Use an open-source collaborative development model, branching for each major feature, writing clear commit messages and PR descriptions

  • Resolve operational issues by collaborating with upstream support groups and other engineering teams

Tools We Use

  • Cassandra, Zookeeper, Kafka, Scribe, Thrift, Docker, Redis, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Statsd, Graphite, Chef, Nagios


DevOps Engineer Desired Qualities

  • Working knowledge of Puppet, Chef, or Jenkins

  • Skilled with at least one of C, Java, or Node.js

  • Experience working with REST APIs

  • Experience operating distributed systems

  • Experience with high-availability, high-performance, open source web technologies

  • Experience with cloud platforms, open source databases and caching layers

  • Web programming and scripting ability

  • Working knowledge of software development methodologies including code profiling, regression testing, and continuous integration

  • A working knowledge of Linux internals

  • Experience operating production systems

  • Active participation in GitHub, tech blogging, etc.


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