Work remotely from anywhere as a Software Developer

Senior Cloud Deployment Engineer


Ensure on-time releases and security updates to Bitnami’s application catalog
Stabilize and improve open-source software releases by removing manual intervention and following continuous deployment best practices
Extend Bitnami’s application catalog with production-ready templates for popular open-source infrastructure software across all major platforms, including AWS Cloud Formation, Azure ARM, Hashicorp Terraform, etc.
Implement, document and programmatically enforce industry best-practices in our offerings regarding scalability, availability and security
Lead team-wide discussions regarding engineering best practices
Coach and train junior members of the team

Loved by Devs, trusted by Ops: Bitnami’s mission is to bring awesome software to everyone. Every month, 1MM+ developers come to our site to download and launch their favorite language runtimes and applications.

We are looking for a Senior Cloud Deployment Engineer that will help us create and maintain production-quality templates for open source software across all major cloud and container platforms, including AWS, Google, Azure, VMware, and Kubernetes.

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