Work remotely from anywhere as a Software Developer

Friendly, Genius Front-End Developer

Swyfft is a fast-moving insurance company that totally gets why people don't use "fast-moving" and "insurance company" in the same sentence - and wants to change that.

We need an experienced front-end developer who likes TypeScript, React, and (for heaven knows what reason) CSS. You should be comfortable writing code, reviewing it, arguing over naming standards, tracking down bugs, working with designers, iterating on a spec, and most importantly, in the end, getting stuff done. (This is primarily a front-end position, but we expect our front-end devs to work with and understand our backend, and vice versa.)

Skills & Requirements

An experienced developer who has shown that they can consistently:

  • Create a beautiful UI and a functional UX

  • Understand complex business domains

  • Produce high-quality, well-architected code

  • Work in an agile environment

  • Successfully deliver complex projects with convoluted interdependencies

A dedicated technologist with recent hands-on experience with key components of Swyfft's tech stack:

  • TypeScript, React, SASS

  • .NET, C#

  • Azure, SQL Server

  • ASP.NET MVC & WebAPI, Entity Framework

  • Automated Testing and Continuous Delivery

In addition (we know we're asking for the moon here), relevant domain experience in the insurance industry would be a significant plus.

Oh, and you have to be a nice person. Life is already too short: we want to work with people we like.


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