Work remotely from anywhere as a Software Developer

AI Automated Reasoning Architect

Xaltry is a well funded startup that is applying  automated reasoning, machine learning, and distributed consensus (A.I.) to blockchain applications. We believe that future interactions between intelligent entities—be they humans, organization, software agents, or things—will only flourish if they are based on a open, decentralized, self-sovereign, secure, reputation platform that contextually curates, connects, and completes those interactions. The future internet of intelligences (IOI) will be critically dependent on this reputation meta-platform. We believe this to be a uniquely valuable application of AI and we are building it now. We are a spoke of Consensys, one of the largest organizations in the world dedicated to creating decentralized applications.


Your primary responsibility will be to lead a research and development team that is applying automated reasoning and distributed consensus to build behavior based reputation predictors for  blockchain based applications. This will include the multi-disciplinary integration of multiple technologies to build a distributed autonomic service for filtering and modulating transactions on decentralized computing platforms.

Desired Qualifications:

  • MS or PhD in Engineering or Computer Science Artificial Intelligence or related fields. 

  • Expertise in automated reasoning, multi-objective decision-making, fuzzy logic, autonomous systems, computational search, reinforcement learning, machine learning, cryptography or signal processing.

  • Expertise in Python and C programming. We are a Python shop and strategically leverage Python based AI toolkits

  • Experience with Matplotlib, SciPy, NumPy and related toolkits

  • Solid analytical, research, and programming skills

  • Solid communication and leadership skills


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