Work remotely from anywhere as a Software Developer

Senior Security Architect

Job Responsibilities:

• Keeping up to date with the latest security events and working with engineering to ensure our product stack provides protection
• Investigating known malicious activity and examining the impact
• Researching new threats and providing analysis on behavior
• Publishing research, presenting technical talks and contributing to the Bromium blog

Job Requirements:

• Experience with or ability to understand a complex set of interactions between components of a large software solution
• Solid understanding of current security threats, exploitation techniques, mitigation and hardening technologies (particularly endpoint security products) on the Windows platform
• Knowledge of hypervisor technologies and advanced x86 platform functionality (VTx, UEFI, kernel development)
• Proven experience of C/C++ code auditing (for both language-specific and logic errors)

You will work closely with our development and product management teams, maintaining and enhancing the security and functionality of the Bromium suite of products. You will write technical reports publishing your research and present these papers at computer security conferences as well as authoring technical reports for internal and external purposes.

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