Work remotely from anywhere as a Software Developer

Blockchain Security Engineer

** Blockchain experience not required! ** 

We're operating in a very new industry and we're prepared to bring candidates up to speed! Few sectors are hot as blockchain right now - talk about professional growth :)

Join the Swarm

We're developing innovative solutions to age-old information security problems - and we need your help.

At it's core, PolySwarm is market design enabled by smart contracts. We're (literally) programming a market that will produce crowdsourced threat intelligence (malware detection today, more tomorrow). 

No one has done this before. We'll get things wrong - that's okay! With your help, we'll get fewer things wrong, identify mistakes earlier and improve processes to prevent future missteps.

You're in on the ground floor - you'll have a say in what we do and how we do it. By joining Swarm Technologies, you'll be joining a dynamic team on the bleeding edge of information (computer) security and blockchain - answering questions few have thought to ask.

If you're interested in any of:

  1. information security

  2. blockchain (Ethereum smart contracts in particular)

  3. malware reverse engineering

  4. market design (a la Who Gets What and Why by Alvin Roth)

  5. technical challenges that cannot be solved via iteration

  6. unknown unknowns

... then we're interested in you.

The Ideal Candidate Is...

  1. independently motivated & self-directing

  2. introspective: able to identify weak spots / problem areas our existing processes or code and suggest / implement solutions

  3. interested in information security topics outside of work - huge props for capture the flag (CTF) participation!

Example Big-Picture Problem

The Ethereum block time leaves a lot to be desired for a marketplace that intends to supplant millions of malware scans a day.

How do we best reconcile millions of scans daily with a 15 second block time and today's block size limits?

Example Tactical Problem

The rust-web3 bindings don't support WebSockets. WebSocket support is necessary for subscribing to "push" notifications of Ethereum events:

At Swarm Technologies, you'll tackle both big-picture and tactical problems :)

We Offer

  • Competitive salaries

  • Excellent health, dental, vision coverage

  • Unlimited* paid vacation days

  • Travel (if you like). We have offices in San Diego, Puerto Rico and Tokyo and we often find ourselves travelling elsewhere. If travel interests you, we can scratch that itch.

  • Flexible work hours - outside of scheduled meetings, we don't care *when* you work, we care about your output.

  • Powerful servers, laptops, desktops - whatever you need to be most productive!

*Within reason! We avoid arbitrary numbers for vacation allotments. Take what you need, don't abuse it. As a start-up, we may ask that you avoid vacation for crunch times.

(Poly)Swarm Technologies, Inc

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