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Cordova Music Plugin to play music on the lock screen.

Project Name: Cordova Music Plugi

Deadline: 1 to 2 Weeks

Languages: Swift for iOS, Java for Android, Javascript for Cordova

Summary: Create a Music Plugin for Cordova that enables music playlists to be played when the source app is in the background, or the phone is locked.

Feature List

- Audio should play when device is on silent.

- Audio should play when app is in background.

- Audio should play when phone is locked.

- Audio should play for single item or playlist.

- Should get track duration.

- Should get track position (progress)

- Should support play, pause and seek

- Should support streaming URLs

- Media controls should display when phone is locked

- Album art should display in media controls

- Compatible with iOS and Android

Similar existing solutions

The closest similar solution we have found so far:

Bugs with this plugin:

- no album art on iOS media controls,

- track duration not calculated,

- audio starts and the sends status 'paused', with track no progress.


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