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Senior Angular Web Developer

Tallwave is a Scottsdale, AZ company that takes good ideas and turns them into great products for our clients. We work with Startups all the way up to Enterprise level companies. We’ve taken ideas from back-of-the-napkin sketches to successful products on the market. We’re looking for a developer with some Angular chops to join our team.

If this interests you, do not just send in a resume. Tell us your story. What have you built that makes you proud? What are your aspirations? What are you passionate about? What are you dying to learn next? Share with us the stuff that makes you stand out. This could be a GitHub account, StackOverflow profile, a blog/portfolio, speaking engagements, or even something as simple as a well-crafted cover letter.

Duties, Responsibilities, and Career Growth

The Senior Developer will:

  • Help lead a team of developers build modern Angular applications.

  • Work with clients to determine features and break them down into manageable chunks.

  • Understand how to get value out of unit and integration testing.

  • Work with git and git-based workflows.

  • Be familiar with accessibility standards, or be eager to learn ADA and section 508.

  • Work without much, if any, supervision. Nobody’s got time to micromanage.

  • Work with cross functional teams and communicate effectively with designers and project managers, as well as other developers.

  • Demonstrate strong communication skills with clients, of ranging technical expertise. Empathy is a must.

  • Communicate in person, over email, chats, or conference calls with teammates and clients in the office or remote.

  • Know how to run peer code reviews and to participate in them.

  • Admit when they don’t know something, but then strive to find out the best answer.

  • Aspire to greatness.

It'll really impress us if you can:

  • Be able to build applications with best practices and mentor more inexperienced developers.

  • Also know a back-end framework or two in node or a different language.

  • Have experience with other frameworks, whether front-end or back-end. We also use React and Vue, but have dealt with AngularJS, Ember, and Backbone before.

  • Have some familiarity with DevOps, including with task runners and scripting operations.


  • There is not a cutoff number on the years of experience, but an average candidate will have at least 5 years of general web development experience and one of Angular.

  • A degree from a university is cool, but not mandatory.

Working conditions

Employees operate in a professional office environment and routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, telephone, teleconferencing equipment, etc. Floorplan is open with individual workstations (not cubicles). Office is a social environment. Remote is ok for this position, but you must be within the US, and eligible to work here, with travel to the main office once a quarter or so. Travel to a client’s office may be expected from time to time.


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